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     (* Winner, Best Music Video,  2012 Awareness Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA)


On a sunny day in the summer of 2011, I was driving on the Route 18 freeway in New Jersey when something disturbing and inexplicable in the sky caught my eye.  I was riveted by it and it just didn’t seem normal or right to me.  I mentioned it to my wife and she told me that she has seen these malevolent lines and plumes, too.  They are chemtrails and I’ve been seeing them since on a nearly everyday basis.  The more I researched them, the more revolted and angry I became.  I still cannot fathom how toxic materials can be intentionally sprayed in industrialized countries (or anywhere!).  It’s more sinister than than even the darkest sci-fi or horror movie.   My dismay and anger ultimately led me to write a song about them and in January 2012, I released “Murdering Us From The Sky” as a digital single on iTunes and CDBaby,  Then shortly thereafter I started working on the corresponding music video and that debuted on You Tube in mid-March 2012.  It has garnered very positive responses there and in the anti-chemtrails community (and yes, there is one and fortunately it’s growing).  I’ve also entered it entering in a select group of film festivals and I’m pleased to report that it won Best Music Video honors at the 2012 Awareness/Heal OneWorld Film Festival, which took place in Los Angeles in May of 2012   My hope is that my song and music video continue to play a part in raising the consciousness and ire of people throughout the world, especially those who previously didn’t know that chemtrails existed.  After all, the first step to putting an end to chemtrails is to heighten public awareness of them.  I hope you’ll watch the video, check out the related materials on the site and pass the word on.  The info on how to go about sounding off is at the end of the video.  Because the reality of it is this: if we don’t collectively and loudly protest chemtrails, they’ll just continue to dump toxins down upon us.  So please get involved!


                                                                             Jeff Saxon

   Seeing chemtrails like these above led me to write my song...

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